A happy new year to you!

, 04 january 2022

It’s a wrap! 2021 is over, and it’s been quite the year. There were many rough edges all around, but if you focus your attention you’ll also find there were things to be grateful for, and it’s important to pause and remember them.

From our side, we’re happy we got to set up a new team. It means that we can provide our growing member base with more creative content and extra exciting events. Which is something we plan to continue doing in 2022.

When our country opens up again, we will be hosting a multitude of events, ranging from social drinks to our first ever [flagship event] (See the agenda for the events and their dates.).

The circles will also be livening up. They’ll be hosting their own events and support their members in achieving what they each set their hearts to. We’re especially curious for what positive impact you all will make, or what entrepreneurial or other social projects you’ll be developing!

Is there something else you’d like to see or do in our club, that you think will be beneficial to our alumni? Let us know at eac@erasmusalumni.nl. Maybe your idea will help take the Erasmus Alumni Club to the next level.


We hope to see you soon. Happy new year!