de Hoogeschoolraad

Ambassadors & funders of the university

About us 

The ‘Hogeschoolraad’ (loosely translated as ‘University Council’) is the original party behind the founding of the Netherlands School of Commerce, the predecessor to the Erasmus University, and the first Trust Fund. It has traditionally been one of the Erasmus Alumni Club’s circles. Members of the council are in the function of being both member of the Erasmus Alumni Club and donator of Erasmus Trust Fund. Together they shape an ambassadors club which doubles as a social club. 

Membership of the Hogeschoolraad 

Exclusively by nomination by a current member or the board of the Hogeschoolraad. 

The Board 

Harald Swinkels, voorzitter 
Rutger Groot, secretaris 
Donne Kaars Sijpesteijn-Gan 
Vincent Karremans 
Hanne Buis