Consultancy Circle

Small-scaled alumni network for ambitious consultants

The Consultancy Circle

The Goal 

The Consultancy Circle aims to connect alumni interested or experienced in consultancy with each other, with the university and with the city of Rotterdam. 

(Aspiring) consultants are often looking for that win-win scenario where they can provide value in return for something they value themselves. That means that in positive interactions between consultants themselves, all parties will end up better. All that is needed to kickstart such interactions is an encouraging place to meet.

This circle provides a space for consultants to elevate their game. By inspiring, learning from and supporting each other, members can enrich their own lives, broaden their networks, improve their consulting skills and, ultimately, give more value to the projects and companies they consult on. 

The proposition of the circle 

Members of the Consultancy Circle gain access to three recurring events every year.  

1. A leadership workshop provided by Kayvan Kian, a senior consultant at McKinsey, author and founder of the Young Leadership Forum. 

2. A panel discussion between science, partners and industry leaders at a beautiful location in Rotterdam. 

3. The yearly dinner. 

Members can also become part of a closed LinkedIn group of consultants. 

(To safeguard the focus, the Consultancy Circle is a closed network. You have to receive an invitation before you can join the circle. If you are interested or have any questions about this, you can contact 

When joining the Consultancy Circle you will automatically become a member of the Erasmus Alumni Club, as the circle falls under the alumni club. You will receive a monthly newsletter and get free access to all other alumni-oriented events. (More information can be found on this website.)  

Additionally, if you are below 35 years of age, you will automatically be enrolled in the Young Alumni Circle, for whom we organise various social gatherings throughout the year. (This enrolment and the events are also free.) 


Membership of the Erasmus Alumni Club differs based on your age: if you are below 30 years of age, the yearly cost is 30 euros. If you are between 30 and 40, the cost is 50 euros. Between 40 and 75 years membership costs 100 euros, and above 75 years membership is 30 euros again.

Joining the Circle doesn't cost you anything extra. We will ask for small compensation per event visit to cover some of the cost.

Sign up via the button below. 

The founding members 

Philipp Richter 

Philipp didn’t only rely on school for his education. He did a master in Economics and Business but has expanded his knowledge base doing internships at Deloitte, KPMG, Porsche and EnBW. If he fails at something, Philipp gets right back up and looks for a way to do better. 

Onur Özdemir 

After a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Business and Economics, Onur stepped on the path consultancy. He started as analyst at Deloitte and in 21 months worked his way up to becoming a Consultant Digital Transformations in Finance. 

Bogdan Hurjui 

Driven to help others and interested in finance, Bogdan did a master in Financial Economics the Erasmus University and joined the Eastern European Students Association, becoming the president in his next year. He is currently a Project Management Intern at the ABN Amro Bank. 

Taoufik Rouchdi 

With a bachelor’s and master's degree related to business, Taoufik built his knowledge of the world of commerce. He put his critical thinking skills to work as a business analyst at Deloitte before becoming a consultant. He’s also an Advisory Council Member at JINC, a non-profit that support children in choosing a future that suits them. 

Isa Yilmaz 

After studying Economics and Business, Isa worked as an analyst, before becoming a consultant at EY. Developing his skills and becoming a senior consultant, he joined Deloitte and quickly made the position of manager. Now he is looking to inspire others budding consultants like he once was. 

Shanice Ramautar 

Shanice devotes her skills and energy as consultant to sustainability. She has done two masters studies, one in Global Business and Sustainability and one in International Relations and Affairs. After developing herself as sustainability intern at TUI and as impact researcher at ICE, she became a consultant on climate change and sustainability at EY.