Positive Impact Circle

A network for impactful and proactive alumni

The goal 

The Positive Impact Circle aims to provide a space where impact-makers thrive.  

People cannot work in silos – in isolation – if they desire to make a meaningful change happen in the world. Positive impact comes from collaboration, and collaboration happens when like-minded people come together. In this circle, members can inspire, empower and learn from each other, and in doing so strengthen their network with fellow changemakers. 

The circle gives back by connecting impact-driven alumni. In sharing knowledge and making ambitious connections, our club’s network consolidates internally, and it becomes much more capable of having a real, positive effect on the world.  

The proposition of the circle 

Members of the Positive Impact Circle gain access to three distinctive events every year. (These events are exclusively available for circle members.) 

1. The informative Leadership & Impact Workshop, complete with drinks and dinner in OASE Rotterdam. (Next: May 2022.) 

2. The coaching / speed-dating event with ambitious students who desire to make an impact. (Next: 13-10-2022)

3. The annual Positive Impact Dinner. (Next: 2-12-2022)


Also you get access to our club event, of which the first one is on the 17th of september, where we will visit Blue City.

Members will also become part of a closed LinkedIn group.

Erasmus Alumni Club & Young Erasmus Circle

When joining the Positive Impact Circle you will automatically become a member of the Erasmus Alumni Club, as the circle falls under the alumni club. You will receive a monthly newsletter and get free access to all alumni-oriented events. (More information can be found on this website.)  

Additionally, if you are below 35 years of age, you will automatically be enrolled in the Young Alumni Circle, for whom we organise various social gatherings throughout the year. (This enrolment and the events are also free.) 

The investment

You do not have to pay an additional fee to join this circle, only the yearly Erasmus Alumni Club membership fee. The circle events will require a small fee for participation, which is to (partly) cover the costs of the event.

(Membership contribution of the Erasmus Alumni Club differs based on your age: if you are below 30 years of age, the yearly cost is 30 euros. If you are between 30 and 40, the cost is 50 euros. Between 40 and 75 years membership costs 100 euros, and above 75 years membership is 30 euros again.) 

The founding members 

Magda Stancioi 

Magda has a wide range of interests, with a special focusing on finance, business and management. She did a master in Finance and Investments and has developed herself working at Unilever for over 8 years, in different positions on different levels. Now she is supporting the revolution for more sustainable food as a strategy manager for the Vegetarian Butcher. 

Berfu Ege 

Berfu studies law and government. She is chairperson for the Erasmus Sustainability Hub and has taken on various roles at the Erasmus University (and beyond) in order to help people, to facilitate global on a large scale and to support general sustainability. For her work on social entrepreneurship, education and youth empowerment, she has received the prestigious Diana Award.  

Kristel Kan 

Kristel was a student consultant for Amnesty International and did a master in Governance of Migration and Diversity. She aims to surround herself with people who lift each other up to make the world a better place. Currently Kristel works as project manager and junior consultant for Better Future, which aims to humanise businesses and make them a force for good. 

Misi Gulyas 

Misi is a social entrepreneur driven by curiosity. After his master in Global Business and Sustainability he co-founded HeartWork. With this company he aims to support the next generation of leaders to find an inspiring purpose, to elevate their organisation and facilitate sustainable development on a larger scale. 

Renske Boslooper 

Renske is always looking for how she can make a social impact. She did her master in Global Business and Sustainability and now works as a junior project manager at HartingBank, a supplier of medical equipment. She partook in the circular challenge at BlueCity and volunteers at Swaphero, aiming to make the fashion industry more sustainable. 

Romée van der Arend 

After a master in Global Business and Sustainability Romée briefly supported Stichting 2030, aimed at making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality. She has worked as a project manager for a care service provider and has recently gone to strengthen the team of Too Good To Go, an app that helps people reduce the amount of food that is wasted. 

Stephanie Onyenze 

With her master in Business Information Management Stephanie entered Deloitte. From there she worked her way up to being a Consultant Enterprise Architecture at Deloitte Consulting. Nowadays she helps organisations operate more sustainably with her expertise in carbon and energy management. 

Marijn Bouwhuis

The proactive and extroverted Marijn leads the current Erasmus Alumni Club team. He loves bringing people together and gets energy from innovation. After completing the master Management of Innovation at the RSM, he worked at leading companies such as Coca Cola, Unilever and Samsung.