Erasmus Alumni Fonds


The Erasmus University’s history can be traced back to a growing awareness of the importance and capacity of science. During the more than 100 years of the university’s existence, the importance of grounded science, in-depth research and effective education has kept increasing. To deliver world-class results as a research and education facility, however, takes financial support. The university is funded by the government, but companies and alumni, too, can make a compelling contribution. 

The Erasmus Trust Fund Foundation builds potential partnerships with companies and collects funding for the university through this channel. This Fund has existed for as long as the Erasmus University itself and has given the university a lot of possibilities the past century. 

A separate fund has been set up for the Erasmus Alumni Club. At this moment, our club contains 250 members that want to stay involved with their Alma Mater. Through our new Erasmus Alumni Fund, our members can donate to the university. When our club grows further, it will also become possible to donate a part of the yearly contributions of members through this fund. 

This way, the two funds contribute to world-class scientific research and they can also help underprivileged but promising students with scholarships. Furthermore, the financial contributions are a way to provide the employees of the Erasmus University with stimulating professional development, to take education to the next level. 

Do you want to know more about the Erasmus Trust Fund Foundation’s projects and the impact that has been made? Click here to go to their website. 

If you wish to donate you can do so on this page (the page is in Dutch, but you can click the red button, select the amount you wish to donate and fill in the form). You may also call them with the number provided on their website.