If the Board were the theory behind the Erasmus Alumni Club, the Team would be the practice. In order to realise the vision for our club, the team executes on the strategy. Whether it’s the website, the events, the circles—the team is primed to support the members of our club.


Marijn Bouwhuis, Program Director

The proactive and extroverted Marijn leads the current Erasmus Alumni Club team. He loves bringing people together and gets energy from innovation, so he was the perfect match to realise the board’s vision. After completing the master Management of Innovation at the RSM, he worked at leading companies such as Coca Cola, Unilever and Samsung. Since joining the club in December 2020, he has facilitated interaction between the board and the team he has set up this year. In his free time he is also a windsurfing instructor and football coach of a junior team at Sparta.


Danique Osinga, Back Office Manager

You might’ve already spotted this ‘Rotterdammer’ at our website’s front page! Danique started helping the alumni club per the request of her mother, who serves as treasurer in the board. Because of the atmosphere and the felt connection with the university, she still enjoys working with the website and our member list. She is currently studying her second master, Financial Economics, and also works in the university’s gym. She likes to cook and is serious about sports; until a few years ago she even owned horses with whom she also did competitions.


Alex de Vries, Copywriter

After studying Communication and Media (IBCoM), Alex wrote for Extraordinary life, a community and organization centered around personal development. For their events, Alex often willingly found himself at the Erasmus University even after graduating. With his fondness for the university and his love for writing, he suited the alumni club well as content creator. Apart from writing he also loves to read, and this interest has lead to a sizeable portion of his modest room turning into what could be considered a small library.


Rio-Sarah Nederveen, Marketing and Digital Communication manager

With her love for, expertise in and experience with media, Rio is not lacking in talent when it comes to marketing. She studied General Cultural Science at the Erasmus and completed her master in Media and Culture also at the University of Rotterdam. Afterwards she took over the marketing for the Laurens church and ensured that the church became more widely known. Specialising in online communication, Rio is additionally a vlogger and owner of her own media company, and in her free time she’s also a drone pilot.


Eline Lataster, Event Manager

From concept to experience; Eline knows how to make events happen, and make them happen well. After finishing her previous study in Media Management, she’s now in the last year of Leisure and Event Management. This specialization is a perfect fit the Erasmus Alumni Club, where she will design tailored events for both all alumni in general, as well as for specific audiences. Her chief focus will be the creation of the all-new Flagship Event. Eline, too, is ‘Rotterdammer’ and loves sports; she played hockey for a whopping 12 years!