Throwback: Alumni Talk: war in Ukraine

Alex de Vries , 06 april 2023

Our recent Alumni Talk was an enlightening experience that taught us about the real motivations for the war in Ukraine.

The event was held at the Nieuwe Instituut. This beautiful, professional and sleek location provided a nice setting for the evening's inspiring discussions. In his keynote speech, Ron Keller shared a number of stories and personal anecdotes to contextualize the war and clarify its origin. With his conversations with Putin as example, he illustrated Putin's motivations behind the conflict. His valuable insights into the geopolitical situation in the region provided a deeper understanding of the complexity of the conflict.

Following Ron's speech, Karel Burger Dirven delved deeper into the impact the war had on Ukraine. He provided a detailed analysis of the social, political, and economic impacts, and the unfortunately far-reaching and long-lasting effects of the conflict were clear.

Thanks to the speakers’ ability to comprehensively share their experiences and knowledge, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the situation in Ukraine. The combination of Ron's geopolitical analysis and Karel's on-the-ground insights provided a well-rounded view of the conflict. The speakers approached the topic with sensitivity and respect, acknowledging the human cost of the conflict while providing valuable information and analysis.

What made the evening even more memorable was that both Karel and Ron joined the social drink after their speeches, allowing the conversation to continue in a more relaxed setting. It was a wonderful opportunity to continue learning from the experts and discussing the topic with fellow attendees.

The event provided a safe and welcoming space for attendees to share their thoughts and ask questions, fostering an environment of learning and growth. In short, the Alumni Talk on the war in Ukraine was a thought-provoking and educational event.

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