Throwback Positive Impact Circle 2022

Alex de Vries , 09 december 2022

“Just like every other year, a new cohort of positive impact alumni has graduated from our university, which means a growing community for our circle.”

A good year for good people

Berfu Ege is an impact-maker at heart. She has proactively worked on social issues like education and youth empowerment, and has joined the first board of our Positive Impact Circle roughly 365 impactful days ago. She looks back on a fruitful year.

“This year was our Positive Impact Circle’s first year,” she says. “We had many networking sessions and strategy meetings, to figure out how to best translate our experiences to have more of a positive impact for other alumni, students, and our university.”

Connecting changemakers

One thing the circle does is organise events, to connect aspiring changemakers with each other. Of the different events the circle held in the last twelve months, one particularly spoke to Berfu. “For me, an amazing giving back event was the Mentorship Cafe, where Positive Impact alumni gave speed mentorship sessions to current students.”

It doesn’t come as a surprise that members of the Positive Impact Circle were very open to helping others do the same – it's what they do. These are people looking to make a change in the world. They joined the circle to improve their odds of doing so, as a meaningful change is made together.

“I believe the existence of the Positive Impact Circle fills a great gap for all of us,” Berfu shares. “Because now we can bond and inspire each other.”

Happening in a few days

“Now, our circle is excited for the annual Positive Impact dinner on the 15th of December, and we are looking forward to seeing a lot of amazing alumni there!”