MEMER TALK: Alida Vreden-Cyrus

Alex de Vries, 17 august 2022

As leader of three different organisations, Alida Vreden-Cyrus has struck a good balance.

She is an introvert but also a people-person. She likes helping others but knows her boundaries. She values diversity and growth, and works towards those things wholeheartedly.

She’s the chairwoman of Themater, a Capelle-based foundation that unites the locals through interesting events; she is chairwoman of Samen Sterker Ondernemen, a foundation supporting ambitious and driven young people, and is the leader of Cyrus Care, her company with which Alida supports nurses who are aiming ever higher.

How did she reach this position? Learn more about her in this Member Talk.

(And a spoiler: in the magazine coming out in January, we will feature an in-depth interview with Alida, discussing some of the struggles she has overcome growing from a shy, withdrawn girl into a powerful leader. It hasn’t been easy as Alida is a woman – but she’s done it, and now shines as a beacon who inspires both young people and women to keep aiming high.)