Happy holidays!

, 23 december 2021

We hope that, as you’re reading this, you feel enveloped by warmth. Warmth of a few loved ones, and of a happy and cozy home, and of the holidays. That of Christmas. We hope these days conclude a splendid year, and that the year’s harsher periods did not completely dull its splendour. Now that it’s Christmas, we’d like to briefly look back on the year.

We’re grateful for our new team and our website that got refreshed. With the additions of a copywriter, a marketer and an event planner, the potential we can offer our members has been raised to a higher level. Creating the website took a few months of endeavour, but the result is clear; a polished online portal for our club to integrate.

And of course we’re most grateful for you all: your reactions to the site, your interaction on our social media, your participation in and energy during the events that were possible – and your willingness to stay a member and trust us during a challenging time. To us, those things are jewels that brought a brilliant splendour to 2021.


We will reflect that radiance back to you the coming year. For now, happy holidays!