Become an Erasmus Alumni Club member


Advantages of being an Erasmus Alumni Club member 

  • Enter an extensive and impactful network and get access to ‘My Club’ on our website 
  • Free entrance to varying yearly events on campus and unique locations in Rotterdam
  • A monthly digital newsletter and a yearly magazine 
  • Free signature engraved on the Erasmus signature wall of glass
  • Access to smaller alumni networks, our so-called 'Circles'
  • Retain the connection with your Alma Mater 

What does membership cost? 

If you’re under 30 or above 75 years of age, the cost is €30 a year. If you're between 30 and 40 years old, then it’s €50. Older than 40 but younger than 75 years old, then it will cost you €100 a year. You will receive an automatic bill yearly towards the end of September. 

For that price you receive everything above, and also one last extra. As part of our club you may gain access to different interest groups – ‘circles’ – that our association hosts. This is where you’ll find the most like-minded people.

When you are below the age of 35, you will be automatically enrolled into the Young Erasmus Circle, for whom we offer a tailor made program for young alumni.

Also, there is the option, to join a Circle for a specific interest. At the moment we offer the Consultancy Circle and the Positive Impact Circle. Want to find out more? Go to our Circle page.

Does all that sound good? Fill in the registration form here and become a member.