Alumni Day: 'The Future of Food is NOW!'

We have a programme!

Please be aware that the keynotes will be held in Dutch.

The Erasmus Alumni Day is an event where our members can meet each other and at the same time learn about one of the most pressing current topics: making food more sustainable.

We will hold the event in BlueCity – the former Tropicana swimming pool – which exemplifies the sustainability movement. This is where pioneers are building a circular economy as an example of what’s possible for the future. The dynamic community of like-minded entrepreneurs has attracted visitors from all over the world. Since 2015, BlueCity has developed from an empty swimming pool to the centre of the circular economy in the city and region of Rotterdam.

The programme

15.00 | Welcoming with bubbles
15.30 | Start programme
15.45 | Keynote: Imke de Boer - prof. sustainable foodsystems WUR | Pricewinning with her vision: Re-rooting the Dutch Food System
16.30 | Pitches & tasting top 4 entrepreneurs Blue City,  Bayleaf platbased meet, Fat & Lazy beer from rainwater, Falafval falafel from waste and Spirulina mocktails.
17.30 | Duo-interview about the future of meet with Jaap Korteweg | Founder of the Vegetarian Butcher & Those Vegan Cowboys) & Cultured Meet entrepreneur
18.30 | Shared, no waste diner at Aloha

At 15:00 the doors will open and participants will be received together in a fun way. The programme itself starts at 15:30.

We will be welcomed by Sabine Biesheuvel, the Director and initiator of BlueCity, who will tell us more about the location and BlueCIty’s mission.

At 15:45 our first keynote speaker, Professor Imke de Boer, will take the stage. She is a professor specialising in Animals and Sustainable Food Systems and has written a vision for the Dutch food system based on Kate Raworth’s ‘Doughnut Economy’ model. Professor de Boer has received multiple awards for her vision for a regenerative food system.

At 16:30 there will be an interactive session with four local entrepreneurs who are each working in their own way to sustainably produce foods and drinks. They will pitch their ideas & challenges and afterwards be available for a conversation – and their produces can be sampled too.

At 17:30 our next keynote speaker, Jaap Korteweg will come up. Jaap is the founder of The Vegetarian Butcher, which has since its inception on World Animal Day 2010 grown to have some 4.000 points of sale in 17 countries. His vision is to become the world’s biggest butcher in a sustainable way. He will be conversing with an expert in the area of grown meats to find out whether plant-based or cultivated meats will be more important for the future. (The expert for cultivated meats hasn’t been confirmed yet.)

From 18:45 until 20:00 we will have a free dinner in the atmospheric Aloha Bar. This restaurant also backs the mission of creating as little waste as possible and uses her creativity to serve foods and drinks that represent the surrounding environment and the season. The Aloha Bar buys high quality foods from local farmers and use wherever possible the whole produce. They also incorporate produce from BlueCity. Thus the dinner will be a taster for how the economy that will enable a healthier future for the planet will smell and taste.

About the Erasmus Alumni Day

The ‘Erasmus Alumni Day’ will be a yearly-recurring event in Rotterdam where the Erasmus Alumni Club brings together its community in a warm, informal manner to be inspired and entertained. It is the perfect moment to utilize the power of our community to build and strengthen connections between alumni and enrich them with knowledge and an unforgettable experience. For this year’s program the keynote lectures will be held in Dutch.

With this year’s theme ‘Making a Positive Impact’ we want to inspire and activate our members by simulating interaction around ‘Positive Impact’ subjects. This way we will be able to experience a great day and simultaneously take a step towards a more sustainable future, together.

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