About the Erasmus Alumni Club


The goal of Erasmus Alumni Club (EAC) is to advance the growth and development of the Erasmus University, which has deep roots within the city of Rotterdam. Among others, we aim to do this by

  • strengthening the mutual connections between the members of the association and the connection with the university in general, the students, alumni, PHD’s, professors, staff and others whom are connected to the Erasmus University;
  • (among others) financially support the foundation and the organization in realizing the goals it sets, by stimulating the involvement of the members of the association in developing the Erasmus University and to make and share knowledge, skills and networks available amongst each other;
  • stimulating the collaboration between the Erasmus University, the business world and the city of Rotterdam;
  • everything that her members deem necessary, purposeful and/0r desirable.

Board of the Erasmus Alumni Association 2019

Left to right (above): Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort-Schuit, Daniël Sikkens, Angélique Pieterse-Westra, Willem Jan Rote en Tobias Goedbloed
Left to right (under): Marjolein de Ruijter-Nobel, Robert Jacobson en Laura van Luipen

Employees: Nicole Vroom – Werre Mirjam Engelen – Achttienribbe